Unique jewelry handmade in the US
Unique jewelry handmade in the US
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New Take on Pearls from Marjorie Baer

Pearls are a classic, but they can, at times, also feel stodgy, boring, or old-fashioned. That is why we are so excited to share Marjorie Baer’s new pearl collection, which puts her unique spin on this traditional material.

The recent Mother of Pearl collection was a hit and Marjorie loved the way the iridescent elements complimented the warmth of the brass and brightness of the silver. So when Marjorie came across Swarovski’s pearls, she was inspired. She was going to do pearls her way. These pearls proved to be a perfect theme around which to build her new collection of contemporary, sculptural jewelry. The result is a marriage of luminous elegance and Marjorie’s distinctive architectural style and thoughtful design.

Brass gold toned wire earrings with pearl detail

This delicate wire earring style features a cream colored pearl perched elegantly on a hammered brass cutout disc.

Silver brass gold clip earrings earring with gray pearls

This clip style features both silver and brass elements and a small cluster of light gray pearl accents. 

Brass gold cream pearl clip earring earrings

This clip on pearl earring features a unique hammered wire spiral. 

Silver brass gold mixed metal necklace

The necklaces in this collection are also show-stoppers. This mixed metal pendant features a light gray pearl and our signature hammered texture. 

Pearls come in a vast array of colors. Marjorie was drawn to Swarovski’s Creme Rose and Light Gray shades, because their warm, glowing appearance and perfection are the perfect compliment to her clean, modern designs and your personal style.

Check out Marjorie’s take on this time-honored style staple in the new arrivals section.

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