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Our online store is open! Free shipping within the US!
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Earring Placement

After making, selling, and wearing clip earrings fro more years than I care to mention, I've come to a conclusion about how to wear them. I'm talking about placement. If your earrings follow the curve of your face, that's going to be the best look. Some pairs of earrings have a definite right and left. So try them on alternate ear lobes and see which avoids the fly away look. If the top of the earring is rectangular or square think diagonal placement. Tilt the top do its flush with your cheek. If its too hard to get a diagonal, vertical is a good second choice.

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  • Karen on

    I recently sent 25 pairs of earrings to be refurbished. I have been wearing the clips for over 10 years.
    I just received them back and am absolutely thrilled! They look brand new! I am so happy to be able wear my earrings again. Thank you so much!

  • Julia Canright on

    Hey Linda, Thanks so much! That is so good to hear! We love making clip earrings and we’re excited to continue making them in the future!


  • Linda Bolla on

    I have been wearing your clip earrings since 1997 and wear nothing else. I get many compliments but the best is when someone says, I like your earrings and say are they Marjorie Baer? I reply yes and tell them I only wear her earrings. Thank you for continuing a fabulous line of Clips.

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