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MBSF Blog — Clip on Earrings

Gorgeous Wire Wrapping for Fall 2015

Clip on Earrings Fall 2015 Made in the USA MB SF New Collection Post Earring Wire Wrapping

I'm so excited that our Fall 2015 pieces are finally up on our online store! I really love this collection - I had so much fun photographing it, writing descriptions, and adding it to our online selections. I especially love the wire wrapped pieces; they have a super fresh yet rich textured look. Its been a lot of fun seeing all the metal color variations on the wire wrapped pieces. The metal color combinations (which metal color is used for the base piece and which for the wire-wrapping) really change the overall feel of the earring.  Wire Wrapped Segmented Oval Earring: I...

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New Fall Arrivals

Bangle Set Clip on Earrings Fall 2015 Made in the USA New Collection Post Earring Wire Earring Wire Wrapping

       I'm excited to show off the latest from Marjorie Baer! This new collection is bold, full of texture, and sprinkled with industrial touches.  The first grouping is a fresh take on Marjorie's signature wire-wrapping technique. The wire-wrapping up to now has been silver wire over a brass piece. This group switches that around and the result is super fresh and bright but with the same richness from the traditional wire-wrapping.  Here are some highlights: This gorgeous Wire Wrapped 5 Piece Bangle Set has so much great texture, both from the hammering and from the neat sections of wire wrapping. ...

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Light and Airy Earrings

Clip on Earrings Earrings that move Light and Airy Earring Made in the USA

At Marjorie Baer Accessories we focus a lot of our time on trying to make earrings that are both beautiful and comfortable to wear. Marjorie designs each piece with weight and movement in mind. One of her pet peeves is overly heavy (usually cast) earrings that pull on your earlobe. These types of earrings are not only uncomfortable but not flattering either. One of her overarching design goals is to create light and airy earrings. Light and airy earrings move with you as you wear them. They are balanced, layered, and lightweight and don’t pull on or pinch your earlobe....

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Comfortable clip on earrings that fit just right

Clip on Earrings Made in the USA MB SF Thank you

A while back, we received a really nice note from a lovely customer:  "Your earrings are the prettiest and more comfortable earrings I have ever owned. Not only are they distinct and beautiful, but even more importantly, I can actually wear them all day! They are so comfortable and light weight, even though "dangly". Please keep making your clip on earrings the same way and don't change them. I think what makes them comfortable is 1) they are light weight and 2) the piece that fits against the ear is typically flat and the springs aren't too tight... I have NEVER...

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A better view of our post and clip on earrings

Clip earring size Clip on Earrings Made in the USA MB SF

We're always looking for ways to improve the experience of shopping for Marjorie Baer jewelry online. In that spirit, from now on we will be including views of the back of post and clip earrings so you can see where the clip or post is placed. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of how the earring will sit on your earlobe! For clip on earring wearers, it will also help you to get an idea of the size of the clip. We have three different clip sizes that we use depending on the earring.  Small Clip: The smallest...

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