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MBSF Blog — Cleaning

Marjorie Baer Jewelry Cleaning


I was recently contacted by a customer who had a large batch of Marjorie Baer jewelry that needed some spiffing up! Some items simply needed to be cleaned and re-lacquered, others needed some small repairs.  When I opened the package this customer sent in, I was blown away by her lovely collection! I decided to take some before and after photos to demonstrate the transformation.  Here is the collection before we started the cleaning process: Beautiful pieces - but they do have some tarnish and lacquer problems.  After the cleaning process: When we clean an item, we take the lacquer...

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Cleaning your Marjorie Baer Jewelry

Cleaning Made in the USA MB SF

Are your Marjorie Baer earrings in need of some spiffing? Here is what we recommend: You can clean them yourself using brasso or silver polish. This will take off the lacquer we use to coat the piece and shine the metal underneath.  You can send the items in to us and we will clean them for you. What we do is strip the lacquer, clean them, and then re-lacquer them so they really look like new. The process generally takes about a week. We charge $5/item (one pair of earrings is an item) but if you have a large collection of...

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