Unique jewelry handmade in the US
Unique jewelry handmade in the US
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Why are Marjorie Baer Clip Earrings so Comfortable?

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Marjorie has mastered the art and craft of making comfortable clip earrings. A lot of thought and design goes into making sure that Marjorie Baer clip earrings are comfortable enough to wear all day. We've heard from a lot of customers that our clips are some of the most comfortable they've tried. Learn more about what makes our clip on earrings so comfortable:

Reasons Other Clips Aren’t Comfortable

Our Comfort Advantage

Weight of Components

Most inexpensive jewelry is made up of pieces that are cast. Casting involves creating a mold and pouring molten metal in to form a shape. This process results in pieces that are thick and heavy.

Marjorie Baer uses sheet metal to create most earring components, which means our earrings are thin and light-weight.

Clip Paddle

Other clips have a curved paddle that holds the earring to your ear and that puts all the pressure in one concentrated spot.

The paddles of our clips are flat which distributes pressure evenly. We also use a soft pad on the clip for extra cushion.

Maximum Weight

Large clip earrings from the 80s and 90s (and the statement/door knocker styles that are popular again these days) have a heavy metal backing to support the clip in addition to heavy cast components. These large pieces are way too heavy to be worn for very long.

Marjorie designs with comfort in mind. The weight of the finished earring is considered at each phase of the manufacturing process. Even our largest styles can be worn for hours at a time.


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