Unique jewelry handmade in the US
Unique jewelry handmade in the US
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Fashion Resolution

I really like this article written by 

 for The Bustle: 

10 Fashion Resolutions We Should All Make in 2014

I especially like what she says about belts: 

Embrace Belts

No matter your figure or style, a belt is a fashion essential. Several years ago, I discovered that although shapeless shift dresses do nothing for me, the addition of a belt turns them into flattering statements of personal style. Essentially, two belts are needed to complement any outfit; one which sits at the natural waist, and one at the hips. After you have the basics covered, it’s all a matter of creative preference.

Amen! Belts are so often overlooked especially these days, but they really do add that extra something to an outfit. A lot of clothing right now is simple, paired down, and flowy. Its great to be able to have a belt to add interest and a bit of structure to an outfit. 

Marjorie Baer belts are especially useful when putting together an outfit because they're so versatile and adjustable. You can wear them at the waist or the hips depending on what suits the outfit the best!

My favorite is this layered leaf belt

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