Unique jewelry handmade in the US
Unique jewelry handmade in the US
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Light and Airy Earrings

Clip on Earrings Earrings that move Light and Airy Earring Made in the USA

At Marjorie Baer Accessories we focus a lot of our time on trying to make earrings that are both beautiful and comfortable to wear. Marjorie designs each piece with weight and movement in mind. One of her pet peeves is overly heavy (usually cast) earrings that pull on your earlobe. These types of earrings are not only uncomfortable but not flattering either. One of her overarching design goals is to create light and airy earrings.

Light and airy earrings move with you as you wear them. They are balanced, layered, and lightweight and don’t pull on or pinch your earlobe. They flatter your face make you feel graceful and sexy.

Our light and airy earrings are some of our most popular styles. Our customers seem to love the effortlessness, comfort, and beauty of these pieces. Women tell us that they are their go-to earrings and they can wear them all day, everyday.

Here are some of our most popular light and airy earrings:

Tiered Teardrop Earring:

 The teardrop rings in this earring are very light - the layering and hammered texture adds substance. Each teardrop ring piece moves easily and independently. This is such a Marjorie Baer classic that flatters every face shape. 

Rectangle with Linked Rings Clip on or Post Earring

This earring is greater than the sum of its few (and lightweight) parts! Its a great, simple design that has a ton of movement, beautiful layers and shimmery hammered texture. This is a great earring as either a post or a clip on. 

Layered Oval and Pendulum Earring

This is one of our all-time favorite earrings. It has beautiful textures and a unique and stunning group of layered shapes. The long pendulum adds really elegant, long movement. They remind me of an Alexander Calder mobile, kinetic - and constantly moving. I made a little animation so you can see them in action!

Light and Airy Earrings with movement

We have a lot more light and airy earrings in our Earring Collection

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