Our online store is open! Free shipping within the US!
Our online store is open! Free shipping within the US!
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Comfortable clip on earrings that fit just right

Clip on Earrings Made in the USA MB SF Thank you

A while back, we received a really nice note from a lovely customer: 

"Your earrings are the prettiest and more comfortable earrings I have ever owned. Not only are they distinct and beautiful, but even more importantly, I can actually wear them all day! They are so comfortable and light weight, even though "dangly". Please keep making your clip on earrings the same way and don't change them. I think what makes them comfortable is 1) they are light weight and 2) the piece that fits against the ear is typically flat and the springs aren't too tight... I have NEVER found any clip ons that fit this way, so secure and so comfortable! Please don't stop making them this way" - Susan Rider

Don't worry! We don't plan on changing the way we make our clip on earrings!

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  • Denise on

    I have been wearing Marjorie Baer earrings since 1980. I bought my first pair at a boutique in Chico, California. Years later I was ecstatic when I found Nordstrom carried them. Then I was saddened when they stopped carrying them. But now I am very happy to order online. I only wear your brand of earrings and have at least 20 pairs. Thank you Marjorie Baer for your beautiful artistic style of earrings and necklaces!!

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