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Cleaning your Marjorie Baer Jewelry

Cleaning Made in the USA MB SF

Are your Marjorie Baer earrings in need of some spiffing? Here is what we recommend:

  • You can clean them yourself using brasso or silver polish. This will take off the lacquer we use to coat the piece and shine the metal underneath. 
  • You can send the items in to us and we will clean them for you. What we do is strip the lacquer, clean them, and then re-lacquer them so they really look like new. The process generally takes about a week. We charge $5/item (one pair of earrings is an item) but if you have a large collection of pieces and would like them all cleaned, we can offer a bulk rate!

For more information email me!

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  • Liz Donovan Davis on

    Are you still offering a cleaning service for earrings? If so, is the Lowrie Avenue in San Francisco the correct address for forwarding? $5.00 still the fee? Thanks, Liz Donovan-Davis

  • Julia Canright on

    Hi Phillipa, Yes absolutely we can help you with that. I just sent you an email

  • Phillipa Carroll Porter on

    I love mb’s earrings. Unfortunately, I have lost several mates. Would like get a match, if possible. Can send a pic but need your direction. Standing by.

  • Julia Canright on

    Hi Margaret,
    Yes you can definitely send in your earrings for cleaning. You can send to this address:

    Marjorie Baer Accessories
    1389 Lowrie Ave
    South San Francisco CA 94080

    Sieu Ta, our current manager is taking over the company. Marjorie is staying on as designer :)

  • Margaret McNamara on

    Am I able to send earrings in to be cleaned now that you are retired?
    M McNamara

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