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Our online store is open! Free shipping within the US!
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Marjorie Baer Jewelry Cleaning


I was recently contacted by a customer who had a large batch of Marjorie Baer jewelry that needed some spiffing up! Some items simply needed to be cleaned and re-lacquered, others needed some small repairs. 

When I opened the package this customer sent in, I was blown away by her lovely collection! I decided to take some before and after photos to demonstrate the transformation. 

Here is the collection before we started the cleaning process:

Beautiful pieces - but they do have some tarnish and lacquer problems. 

Earrings before cleaning

Earrings before cleaning

Necklaces before cleaning

Necklaces before cleaning

After the cleaning process:

When we clean an item, we take the lacquer off entirely. Then we polish the brass and silver to remove the tarnish. We re-lacquer the piece in order to prevent it from tarnishing again. The finished pieces come out looking like new!

Earrings after cleaning

Necklaces After cleaning

Necklaces after cleaning

If you have a piece of Marjorie Baer jewelry or a whole collection in need of some cleaning, get in touch with me a mbaer@mbaer.com ! Its a $5 fee per item but we are happy to offer bulk rates as well. 

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  • constance motroni on

    hi, i have a few pairs of clip earrings that i would love to have cleaned can you quote me a price for the complete cleaning, do you charge by each set individually? will look forward to hearing from you and how to go about doing this, thank you.

  • Shelley on

    Wow what a difference! When I sent you earrings for cleaning years ago, I, in fact, thought you had sent me new earrings because they looked so good.
    How many earrings constitute “bulk”?

  • Debra Glanell on

    Hi! I’d love to send in few pair of my MB earrings for cleaning and repair. Could you send me the info & the cost?
    Also, approximately how long it will take?

  • Trudi Marinovich on

    May I have address and instructions to send earrings for cleaning?

  • Karen Weibel on

    I have several pairs of earrings I would like to have refurbished.
    What is the correct address to send them to?

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