Unique jewelry handmade in the US
Unique jewelry handmade in the US
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Nora's favorites from the new collection

I was a fan of Marjorie Baer long before I ever came to work for the company. This provides a unique opportunity for me to take inspiration from my favorite Marjorie Baer pieces from the past.

When we decided that the focus of our latest collection was going to be wire wrapping my mind immediately went to a pair of earrings I wear all the time. None of us can remember exactly when the original pair was designed but I have always loved the contrast of the edgy wire wrapping style on the classic wire hoop. So we decide to recreate these earrings for the new collection. 

Heavy wire wrap earring

Once we had that piece we realized there were a lot of cool directions we could take this concept. Why not make it into a clip earring?

Clip wire wrap earring

Why not wire wrap hoop earrings of different sizes and finishes? Small:

Small wire wrap post hoop earring.


Medium wire wrap post hoop earring


Large wire wrap post hoop earring

The idea just kept going from there! There is something for everyone!

Heavy wire wrap wire earringHeavy wire wrap fin necklaceHeavy wire wrap rounded square clip earringWire wrap fin wire earringHeavy wire wrap fin clip earring

We call this our "Heavy Metal" group and they are some of my favorite pieces in our new collection. 

We love seeing pictures of your old favorite Marjorie Baer pieces. Email me at nora@mbaer.com

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