Unique jewelry handmade in the US
Unique jewelry handmade in the US
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Meet the New Owner of Marjorie Baer Accessories

For nearly as long as Marjorie Baer Accessories has been around, Sieu Ta has been there making sure everything runs smoothly. If you've ever called our offices for any reason chances are good you've spoken to Sieu. Over the years her role has grown from managing the office, to coordinating our staff of dedicated craftsmen and eventually running the day to day operations. She has a keen eye for design and knows Marjorie Baer Accessories better than anyone. 

In 2018 Sieu took over as owner of the business while Marjorie stays on as the lead designer. Both are supported by Marjorie's daughters, Nora and Julia. Sieu remains committed to the values that Marjorie Baer Accessories was built on: making high quality pieces of wearable art by hand in the United States. 

We are so excited to introduce our new owner and to share our creations with you for many years to come!


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