Unique jewelry handmade in the US
Unique jewelry handmade in the US
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Q&A with Marjorie Baer: What is cloud texturing?

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Marjorie finds inspiration in clouds and the natural world

Marjorie takes a moment to answer some questions and reflect on her design process. First up, what is cloud texturing?

I’ve always been enchanted by those ethereal shapes that Joni Mitchell sang about. As a little girl I doodled clouds, fascinated by their infinite variety and constant change. Years later this awareness and appreciation of the natural environment inspired me to create a technique I call cloud texturing. I use smooth, rounded hammers and pound the metal to create a finish reminiscent of that wispy asymmetry I’ve always loved.  

 Organic Disc with Cutout Diamond Shape

Interlocking Rings Necklace

Over the years the necklace and pair of earrings pictured above have proven to be two of the best-selling pieces in the collection. Made in the USA, they feature a cloud-textured finish with elements of brass and sterling silver. We all derive our own meaning and symbolism from the objects around us, and I’ve wondered about the reason for the popularity of these pieces over the past eight years. For me, the interlocking rings evoke a feeling of interconnectedness, and the simple leaf-like earrings are both organic and familiar. We hope you’ll find your own meaning in these pieces, and we’ll keep creating sustainably-crafted jewelry inspired by the beauty all around us.

-Marjorie Baer

President and Designer


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