Unique jewelry handmade in the US
Unique jewelry handmade in the US
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Vintage Marjorie Baer Hand-Carved Earrings

Made in the USA MB SF Vintage Marjorie Baer

Check out these lovely vintage Marjorie Baer earrings! Barbara, the owner of this pair, contacted me recently looking for some information about the carvings. She had identified the large symbol as Dragon, her Chinese Zodiac sign, and wanted to know what the other characters signified.

I asked around the shop and and the picture brought a smile to everyone's face! This is a great pair from the early 90s made by an amazingly talented former employee who was very skilled at hand-carving metal. He developed the design. The top symbol means Dragon and the rest of the poem wishes the reader, long-life, health, and happiness! How great!

Thanks Barbara for sending in the picture!

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