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Our online store is open! Free shipping within the US!
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Recreating the old .... inspiring the new

from the archives Made in the USA

Recently, Marjorie recreated a pair of earrings for a longtime customer. She had bought this pair when they were made originally, and wanted a new set. Thankfully, Marjorie was able to find similar pieces to the ones she originally used and created the earring on the left. Its an amazing, bold clip on earring for people who want a stunning statement piece that wows. 

Recreating the older earring inspired new designs as well. The earring on the right is an update of the one on the left. Its a stripped down version but maintains some of the layering, movement, and great mix of textures and colors. 

If you have a vintage Marjorie Baer piece that you love, send in a picture and hopefully we can recreate it. And perhaps it will inspire some great new style too!

Email me your pictures! mbaer@mbaer.com

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  • Adrienne dRELL on

    Would love a pair of the multi dangle clip earrings on the left!! can I get them in all silver?? Thank You Adrienne drell
    PS. Heard you are going out of business. What a sad day for us clip wearers and Marjorie Baer afficionadoes!!

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