Our online store is open! Free shipping within the US!
Our online store is open! Free shipping within the US!
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Sample Sale Saturday June 16th! Flash sale starts June 15th!

Sample sale June 16th 9 am - pm in south san francisco

Attention all Bay Area friends! Our next sample sale is coming up this month! This time it will be a one day sale Saturday June 16th from 9 am - 5pm. The sample sale is held in our South San Francisco space. We will have a bunch of recently discontinued and overstock pieces including earrings, necklaces, pins and bracelets for you to choose from. Say hi to Marjorie and stock up on your favorite locally made designs. Hope to see you there!

And if you not in the Bay area or are unable to make it - our online Flash Sale will start Friday June 15th and run through Sunday June 17th. As usual, the Flash Sale will be a selection of overstock items, discontinued styles and samples up to 60% off. The quantities are limited so you'll have to ask fast to grab your favorite styles. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement that will show up in your inbox on Friday morning. 

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