Unique jewelry handmade in the US
Unique jewelry handmade in the US
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Mixed Metals Two Ways

Marjorie Baer often uses a mix of brass and silver in her handmade jewelry. This use of mixed metals has become one of the things that Marjorie is best known for. We call the classic mix of metal finishes D.

Sometimes it is fun to change things up a bit and reverse the metal finishes on best selling pieces. We call this alternative mix of finishes RD. Here are a couple examples of best selling mixed metal pieces that allow you to decide if you prefer mostly brass with silver accents OR mostly silver with brass accents.

E8229D mixed metal earringsE8229RD mixed metal earrings

Disc with Ring and Small Accent Rings Post Earring (Left E8229D. Right E8229RD)

E4265D mixed metal earrings clip postE4265RD mixed metal earring

Wire-Wrapped Tapered Rectangle Earring (Left E4265D. Right E4265RD)

E7060D mixed metal earrings clip postE7060RD mixed metal earrings post clip

Rounded Square with Domed Center Earring (Left E7060D. Right E7060RD)

We love mixed metals because you can wear them either silver or brass accessories. Plus the mix of metals goes with just about every color. Having the option to get earrings in RD means you can mix things up even more. Some customers love a specific pair of earrings so much that they decide they need both mixed metal options.

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