Unique jewelry handmade in the US
Unique jewelry handmade in the US
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Custom Jewelry from Marjorie Baer Accessories

customization Made in the USA

In the last few weeks I've been contacted by several people interested in custom pieces. A couple of people who love our bracelets and bangle sets needed them to be made slightly smaller so they didn't slip off their hands while wearing them. I just asked them to measure a bangle that they already had that fit them well, then we adjusted ours to that specific size.

We're more than happy to accommodate people's needs and because we make everything here in South San Francisco, its simple for us to make adjustments. Beyond bracelets, we're happy to make necklaces of different lengths or we can add a top to a wire earring in order to convert it to a clip on for people without pierced ears. We're also happy to combine elements of different items so you can create your own unique piece.


Just email me with your questions and ideas! mbaer@mbaer.com


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