Unique jewelry handmade in the US
Unique jewelry handmade in the US
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Everyday Earrings

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When I'm writing product descriptions for the store or talking with people about Marjorie Baer Jewelry, I often use the term everyday or go-to especially to describe the earrings. I sometimes worry that people will interpret that as pedestrian or ordinary when what I mean is quite the opposite.

I, like most people, sometimes have trouble getting out the door in the morning. Whether its because I'm pressed for time or have a I-have-nothing-to-wear moment, I end up rushing around at the last minute. That's why its really great to have a couple of pairs of earrings that you know go with everything and are comfortable to wear all day. Its like having a great pair of jeans or a black handbag - it just makes things easier. You look put together when you get to work even if you had a frantic morning.

I know a lot of people who don't wear jewelry because its just another thing to think about and they don't have the time. But when the jewelry you have is super versatile and cool - putting it on is easy and gives you a boost. 

So that's what I mean when I say everyday - I mean that the style is versatile, modern, and makes getting dressed smooth an uncomplicated which is pretty great!

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